Hi, if you found this page, please know we are not interested in testing your new program. We sell ads up front. If you think your program will perform, then you should have no problem paying for the ads up front and keeping all the profits to yourself.

The only time we try new programs is if they are referred to us by a friend who is also a publisher.

Advertising rates

Sponsored Article

$500 per article. You give us a topic and we write the story for it. We link to your product, social media, pictures/videos, inside the article. We will only do this if we believe our users will enjoy your product.

Why does it cost so much? Honestly, because I don’t care about your product and your post will simply be some awkward article about something I’ve never used and no one will even read it. But if you must have this type of ad, then you’re going to pay for it.

Banner ads

$4,000 per month for above article ad (image or text link ad).

$3,000 per month for in article ad after paragraph two.

$3,000 per month for under comments ad (image, text link, or native ad).

$10,000 for full site ads. We remove all other ad companies and you occupy each ad position.  Buy 3 months up front and get a discount of $8,000 per month.

Rates are non-negotiable.