Here is DeAnna Lorraine showing a video that some might consider controversial. She titled it "This is how Italian Cops Handle Antifa" and it shows the protesters marching up to the police and a brawl ensues with the protesters getting the worst of it.

That video can be seen in her Tweet:

For clarity reasons, it's unclear if the protesters are Antifa. It's also unclear how old this video is. However, her point was that cops in Italy seem to be more aggressive towards the protesters, unlike the police in American cities, such as Portland - who are often given orders to stand down. That's not the fault of the police, as they stand down when ordered so they can keep their job and go home safe to their family.

However, some believe it would be nice to see the police in America be allowed to do their job, especially when protesters get out of line and become rioters.

Now activists are calling for police to be defunded, but if the recent riots showed anything, we might need more funding for police to keep our neighborhoods safe and protected.

Lorraine is a former congressional candidate who squared up against Nancy Pelosi in CA-12.