Joy Behar of "The View" has now mocked Americans who think they are independent, calling them a "complete nation of sheep" regarding anyone who chooses to not wear a face cover during the pandemic.

"Well, they are putting their own interests above the health and welfare of their fellow Americans. That's why we have laws in this country. That's why we have drunk driving laws. That's why we require that people vaccinate their children. Hello? We have no smoking in restaurants. We have no smoking in hospitals or on airplanes. These are laws to protect not just you, but other people. You really can't depend on people to do the right thing. They have to be forced to do it. It's interesting. Americans are screaming about their independence -- we want our independence, and yet we are a complete nation of sheep. That's why advertising works so well. That's why campaign ads work so well." (Fox News)

The disgruntled host also stated that Americans should be fined for not wearing the masks.

"In West Hollywood, you are now going to be fined $300 if you are walking on the street without a mask. So money talks, and everything else walks, OK? So, maybe that's the way they have to start doing it. Hit people in their pocketbook. If you see people walking around without a mask, you're going to get a fine, just like if you pass a red light -- endangering other people..."

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