A security video caught a United States Postal worker walking to a dumpster and is now accused of throwing campaign mailers in that dumpster, per a report by Sheriff Troy Nehls. He stated, specifically, "A US Postal worker was just caught on video throwing a stack of my campaign mailers in a dumpster. Some patriots nearby heard a noise when she tossed them in & went to investigate. They found a stack of them and called me. No wonder people are skeptical of mail in voting."

Nehls says it was about 80 mailers held together by a strap. He is running for Congress and stands with Trump.

Nehls posted the video to go with his post, which shows the postal worker park at a dumpster, walk to the dumpster, and place something inside the dumpster.

Nehls posted several other messages, some with photos of his mailers in the dumpster, or responding to questions and statements by other Twitter users.