Those privileged IVY League smart kids are at it again. This time the students and alumni (some, not all), are demanding that Princeton University pay reparations for slavery and support abolishing police.

Oh, that's exactly what someone like Brock Turner, the alleged rapist from Stanford might like. Who calls the cops if there are no cops when someone is being assaulted behind a dumpster, right?

So here's what happened with Princeton. Someone wrote a letter and sent it over to the school and they're demanding all sorts of nonsense to "confront anti-blackness" even though no one really seems to have a problem with much of anything, besides ridiculous white liberals thinking anyone cares about their opinions from the high thrones of their privileged lives.

Here's all the nonsense the "woke" jokesters are demanding, courtesy of College Fix:

1. Pay Reparations. We demand that the University commit 5 percent of its $26 billion endowment to reparations for the descendants of every enslaved person owned by the University’s Presidents and Board of Trustees.
2. Divest from the Prison Industrial Complex. We demand that the University verify its divestment from all private prisons and permanently divest from all levels of the prison industrial complex.
3. Abolish the Police. We demand Princeton University cut ties with the Princeton Police Department, defund Campus Public Safety, and shift funding to mental health, de-escalation, and other campus services that holistically deliver public safety.
4. Implement an Anti-Racist Curriculum. We demand anti-racist frameworks be incorporated as core components to policymaking in our courses. We demand the implementation of the widely-supported DEI core requirement for all MPA students beginning fall 2021. We also demand inclusion of adjunct faculty and lecturers in the Masters Committee curriculum approval process, which is dominated by white men.
5. Increase Black faculty, lecturers, and practitioners. We demand that the School ensure 25 percent or more of its affiliated professors are Black by the end of 2022. The School must expand the number of departments it is affiliated with to include the African American Studies department […] The School must also name an Anti-Racist Policy Fellow each year.
6. Establish a Center for Anti-Racist Policy. We demand the school establish and generously fund a Center for Anti-Racist Policy, invite post-docs and fellows to foster collaboration among anti-racism scholars, and create a pipeline for faculty who specialize in anti-racist policymaking.
7. Increase Black Student Enrollment. Admissions must reimagine its evaluation and selection process by requiring applicants to complete a diversity statement, banning the box in applications, and eliminating the GRE requirement, a racist and sexist assessment that unreliably indicates graduate school success.
Why don't we start at the elementary school level and go after the rotten scoundrels who mismanage all the funding public schools are given?

Public school teachers are amazing people - I know because I worked with them for 15 years. But the administrations of these districts, like in Philadelphia, are so poorly managed that some of the money never makes it to the schools to provide the simple things - like making sure each student has the textbook or even a chair to sit in.

Meanwhile, superintendents are spending budget money to make sure they have a DRIVER for themselves (Google Dr. Hite in Philadelphia).

If we want to increase the number of black students in Ivy League schools, then start at the bottom level with elementary school and stop letting these thieves ruin the funding they receive.

But by all means, stop with the white woke nonsense - you're all a joke.

The letter concludes by claiming if Princeton “firstly focuses on the needs, aspirations, and identities” of black students, then everyone will benefit.