NEW YORK -- Leftist protesters have created an autonomous zone near NYC's City Hall. This is most likely inspired by the CHOP/CHAZ occupy protest that took place in Seattle - and is a complete disaster.

The following video was posted by Shelby Talcott on Twitter. She wrote, "Protesters have expanded the Occupy City Hall zone and have taken over / are trying to solidify the intersection surrounding the building in NY early Tuesday morning."

It remains to be seen what their goal actually is, or if they have any at all. However, the video shows "Defund the NYPD" being projected onto a building, next to a fist, so they're likely targeting the police department much like they did in Seattle. The protesters in Seattle started a fire at the police precinct when cops were inside and were trying to break in at one point. The precinct in Seattle was abandoned at one point.

The CHAZ project, which started a few weeks ago, and has already changed their name to CHOP, is being labeled as an epic failure that has so far resulted in multiple fights, crime, and at least two shootings. One of those incidents, just recently, saw a teenager lost his life.

At least one person was fed up with the CHOP protesters and started to fight back. He began flipping their tables and removing their barricades himself.

In the video below, one man pulled a knife on him - but that was deescalated and the angry man was then able to destroy some of the protester's belongings, while yelling at them that they don't even live in the neighborhood.

Seattle should be breaking down soon and eyes will be on NYC which is already under a watchful eye as Democrat leadership has failed miserably to manage the outbreak and everything else that came after it - like the riots for George Floyd.