President Donald Trump heard about a protest in support of him and the results of the election. Trump mentioned on Twitter that he might show up. And low and behold, Trump showed up!

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The president took a drive through the protest in a line of cars with Secret Service. Fans on both sides of the vehicles cheered for the president and all appeared to be having a fun time.

The Million MAGA March was a protest in DC today, to show support for Trump and against the election results which many believe are untrue.

However, the protest is not going to change or impact the results of an election, but it will show President Trump that he has the support of many Americans who believed in his system.

Many others voted against him because they may not like his personality and how much he Tweets, but the real reason to vote is in the policies that candidates present.

No new wars in four years, that was a good thing, and it's a shame more people didn't value that.

Here's President Donald Trump taking a ride to see his fans.