“Disabled veteran” swarmed in public for what he wasn’t wearing (VIDEO)

Half a million views later, this one video that was posted on Twitter describing an “assault on a disabled veteran for not wearing a mask” has sparked a widespread conversation after what was caught on film in the North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas.

The video was shared by a popular account called Code of Vets (who shared it from someone named Squirrel Mama), and it’s picked up quite a bit of steam. People are now commenting debating on if the man should wear a mask, if the physical reaction from those who swarmed him was excessive, and all sorts of other chaotic comments you’d usually see on social media.

Code of Vets posted a caption to go with the video, saying “This assault on a disabled veteran for not wearing a mask is disturbing on every level. We secured this nation and our freedoms now we are under attack.”

The San Antonio Police Department told the Washington Examiner that the man, identified as Eric Matthew Braden, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass-private property after protesting in the mall and not wearing a mask.

“Officers responded to North Star Mall for an unplanned but organized protest event. Mall security and an off duty officer were confronted by a group of protesters who refused to wear face mask, were given a criminal trespass warning, and told to leave the property. Security and the off duty officer had to take one male into custody who was attempting to escalate the situation, but the remaining participants left without further incident. The male was arrested for criminal trespass private property and was transported to University Hospital by EMS with complaints of a pre-existing back injury. All notifications were made aware of the incident,” police said.

The video can be seen here:


Code of Vets is well known for raising money for veterans in need. They’re a good group of people, although I’ve never met them, but they take donations from folks and then send the donations to the veterans who might be struggling. This is one of the most admirable things someone can do for others and we need more people to be so kind.

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