Huckabee slams Pelosi for delaying articles, ‘like a hen sits on an egg’

Mike Huckabee took to social media to slam Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat’s rush to impeach Donald Trump, only to sit on the articles of impeachment and not follow through with their words or desire to rush it through.

Huckabee slammed Pelosi, saying “It’s unfair to accuse Nancy Pelosi of looking foolish and dishonest for saying it was “URGENT!” to impeach @realDonaldTrump and then sit on articles like a hen sits on an egg. She isn’t holding the articles-she just forgot where she put them.

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The responses to Huckabee’s post appear to support him, also calling out Pelosi and the Democratic Party for rushing the impeachment, then delaying putting it into action. Some even post jokes about Pelosi having too much to drink.

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One must wonder what the Democrat strategy is. Why rush the impeachment as if it was desperately needed, then not submit the articles of impeachment to Senate?

Another Democrat plan they don’t follow through with, it seems.

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