Kellyanne Conway accused of being “Leaker” after acknowledging Biden victory

Kellyanne Conway Leaker

Fans and haters have come out of the woodwork to shame Kellyanne Conway as a leaker and remind people about her putz husband and that he’s an “a–hole” as one user put it.

Kellyanne Conway was in a recent video saying the Biden and Harris administration can count on her if needed, suggesting that she’s happy work with them and pretty much wants a job so she doesn’t have to rely on her daughter’s Tik Tok videos as a future job.

As a refresher, here’s her video. Under this is a handful of the tweets showing what people are writing about her on the Internet, the one place where everything is sacred!

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Kellyanne Conway acknowledges Biden victory, says ‘they can count on me’ at Trending Views

And now here is the fun stuff where Conway gets called out and accused of being a “leaker” and we can’t stop laughing just like the girls at BuzzFeed.

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