Nationals catcher criticized for wearing MAGA hat during White House visit

Kurt Suzuki, the Washington Nationals catcher who is also the first Hawaiian-born player to hit a home run in the World Series, is now being criticized for wearing a MAGA hat during his visit to the White House. Well, some people are criticizing him and others are more like, ‘oh, cool’ and not really caring about it. You know, because it’s just a hat.

Here are two of the many people criticizing Suzuki wearing the MAGA hat. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the guy. I stopped watching baseball years ago when the Phillies couldn’t figure out how to put a decent team together.

There are many more posts just like it, where people are throwing comments at Suzuki, but these two are for your viewing pleasure.

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Feel free to type in Suzuki and the MAGA hat on social media and you’ll see a mixed bag of commentary. Speaking of hats, if you want a free Trump hat, then click that link and claim yours! They’re giving out free hats if you just pay for the cheap shipping.

Now here’s those guys commenting on Kurt Suzuki.

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