Police preparing to take back precinct held hostage by protesters

chaz police

SEATTLE – The police department has had enough! They are gearing up to retake their precinct that is currently being held hostage by protesters in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, otherwise known as CHAZ.

There are several officers in the East Precinct and they plan to start getting the staff back into the building once it is cleared and deemed safe to do so.

A Seattle police public affairs official gave a statement suggesting there are already a few officers in, suggesting they are waiting for the right moment, and letting people know they plan to get back into the precinct soon.

The protesters, on the otherhand, have taken it upon themselves to rename the Seattle police precinct as the “Seattle People Department” and say it’s now the “property of the people” and won’t let any police inside the area. That area consists of a nearly six block section of the city.

The protesters have set up a border wall, garden, and a list of demands they want to be met before they pack up and go home. Many of those demands revolve around defunding police and other social justice causes.

It remains unclear when the police will act and return to the precinct.

Some people paying attention to the situation predict there might be a clash, suggesting it gets worse before it gets resolved – but that remains unknown until it actually happens.