Portland Mayor blames Trump for three months of violence

Ted Wheeler blames Trump

Portland’s failed Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler is now blaming President Donald Trump for the violence in his distraught city over the last three months.

Ted Wheeler rejected help from Trump. People have been shot amid the unrest. Many people, including protesters, have called for Mayor Ted Wheeler to resign.

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President Trump has been speaking out against the violence and offering to send help to get the streets cleaned up.

The peaceful protesters are not the problem. It’s the people who show up to protests and use the protests as a cover for their own violence and bad behavior.

The “Defund the Police” movement has been a disaster as well. They are causing violence and making us need more police, which is pretty much the opposite effect of their entire purpose.

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We don’t need to defund police, but we can absolutely allocate more funding to social programs that are designed to give people better lives. Everything from mental health to job training and cleaning up the streets and getting people off drugs – all of those would be amazing in our country, especially Democrat cities where mayors like Ted Wheeler, Lori Lightfoot, and Jim Kenney fail to get their city under control.


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