Protesters shoot fireworks at fed building, sing children’s songs, and hate Ted Wheeler

portland protests

Portland activists are shooting fireworks at a federal courthouse, singing children’s songs in large groups, and basically getting all kinds of weird amid protests for Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police, and whatever other topics they’re out there yelling about.

In one video clip the protesters are also chanting “f-ck Ted Wheeler” who is their mayor. This was hilarious because Mayor Ted Wheeler said he doesn’t want the federal law enforcement coming to town to help with the situation. Maybe he thought the protesters would like him, but turns out they don’t appear to like him either. I guess no one likes Ted after all! One of the chants, or people yelling, also accused Ted Wheeler of eating at chain restaurants! HA HA HA!! But hey, so do I! I love going to Friday’s once in a while for food that makes my back-end feel like a broken dam flooding a toilet!

Here’s a handful of video clips to show you what’s going on over in Portland.

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