Pro-Trump Grandma tricked into wearing Joe Biden hat, she didn’t like it one bit

When you’re a Trump supporter and your grandma is too, but you trick her into wearing a Joe Biden hat by using a Snapchat or Instagram filter, then you know she’s gonna give you the business!

Her name is Heather Giron and she was posing for a selfie with Grandma, but granny didn’t know Heather turned on one of the filters that makes it look like you’re wearing a Joe Biden hat.

That’s when Grandma had it up to HERE and just had to call it out. Make no mistake, these fine folks are certainly no Joe Biden fans and that’s when Grandma just had to say something!

Here’s the hilarious video of the pro-Trump granny getting tricked into wearing the Joe Biden hat on camera.

Try not to laugh too hard, but if you do – share it with a friend!

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