Rep. Meadows is livid, slams Democrats who oppose what Trump did

Rep. Mark Meadows lights up the House floor, calling out Democrats who opposed Trump’s military action taking out a terrorist, who also appear to seem apologetic towards Iran.

Meadows seems like he cannot believe that some Americans are actually speaking out against what Trump did. It seems like in years past, if someone did the same thing Trump did – take out a terrorist, despite not telling Congress first, that, theoretically, most American citizens and government figures would be supportive of it.

However, since this is Donald Trump and the Democrats use as many things against him as they can, they are now appearing to lament with Iran and speak out against Trump. They want to get Trump on the technicality that he didn’t tell Congress before the strike, or get permission to do so.

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Trump claimed at a campaign event he didn’t want Congress to leak it to the media. If his plans were leaked to the media, they could’ve been foiled for sure.

Regardless, here’s Rep. Mark Meadows calling out the Democrats for opposing Trump’s military drone strike that eliminated a known terrorist.

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