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Dem. Mayor brings up “Climate Justice” – gets reminded of lawlessness in his city


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Philadelphia’s Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney posted about climate change and climate justice on a Twitter post, but that’s when others reminded him of the harsh reality in his city – the actual crime and lawlessness that allowed Philadelphia to record 502 homicides in 2020, the highest number since dating back to 1960.

Mayor Kenney posted this message, saying “Climate change is real and it’s hurting our residents—particularly people of color and low income and working-class residents. We must do our part to achieve climate justice and ensure everyone benefits from a healthy environment for generations to come,” and it wasn’t long until the comments were popping off and sending him their two cents on crime, progressive measures, and other topics.

Kenney is also the mayor who said Trump should just accept that he lost the election, as seen on this video right here.


Now if you want to see the Twitter reactions to Jim Kenney’s message, then that’s right here!

Here’s a handful of the really good replies people left for Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney.

Climate doesn't care what color you are.

— Frank (@RealFrank215) January 16, 2021

I agree Mr. Mayor but would be remiss not to remind that we ended the most progressive electric vehicle parking perk in the country and replaced it with nothing but a policy paper. My honor to contribute to that paper but 3 years later none of the recommendations implemented.

— Jen (@ElectricJen) January 16, 2021

Not to get off track @PhillyMayor but the flying bullets and lawlessness are harming our communities as wellany thoughts on that?????

— linda (@linda62909450) January 16, 2021

My suggestion is to demolish city hall and convert the the land into a park.

— Joe (@joefromphilly1) January 16, 2021

We are still mixing the recycling in with the trash. Start with the basics.

— Michael D. DeVuono, PE (@StormwaterPE) January 16, 2021

Maybe you and Tom Wolf and John Fetterman can figure out why people haven’t received there unemployment benefits. I’m sure the 3 of you can figure it out.

— Mike Pocci- rip maga 15-20 (@mcap0303) January 16, 2021

@JimFKenney #Philly #Philadelphia Someone please tell me how climate change knows the difference between low income, people of color and those that are not. Maybe low income & people of color live closer to polar ice caps & forests. No. Really someone educate me.

— Modern Discomforts (@ModernDiscomfo1) January 16, 2021


Homicides also affect people of color

— Bill Anthony DeRosier (@DerosierBill) January 16, 2021
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