Trump has been calling out other countries since 1987, but I guess everyone forgot that

President Donald Trump was on with Larry King back in 1987, on CNN no doubt, and Trump was calling out other countries right on big TV.

Fast forward today and President Trump is doing the same thing, demanding that we put America first and that other countries put in their fair share, and of course he’s criticizing the fact that Congress put so much foreign aid in the omnibus, hilariously attached to negotiations with the stimulus relief bill, and here we are folks!

If there’s one thing we can see about Trump, it’s that he’s been saying this for more than four years. He’s been saying it for 33 years! Even NPR ran an article about Trump wanting to make America first and they covered it three years ago.

Here’s a big question for all the Trump haters. He’s been saying the same rhetoric for over 30 years about putting America first. Why didn’t any of you hate him for the last 30+ years? You only hated him when he beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election!

Whether you love Trump or hate him, at least he was consistent with wanting his country to succeed. Meanwhile, all the LOSERS in Congress on BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum had voted YES to sending so much money to other countries and a lot of it is wasteful! Yeah, that part about Pakistan – you gotta be kidding me, right?

We have homeless veterans and kids going to broken schools (spend a day in Philly before you ever talk about public education again) and our moronic Congresspersons think sending millions to other countries is a good investment?

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Let me ask this question – who’s got dirt on who? Who’s getting paid out of this? How much of that money is floating back into the hands of congresspeople or people they know? Yeah, I can’t be the only one thinking this.

But they want to give me $600 when my kid’s school is closed half the time and I’m at home trying to figure out how to work and teach her at the same time, because everyone knows this virtual school nonsense is for the birds. Yeah, I said it. It sucks. The teachers hate it. The kids hate it. Everyone hates it.

But until we flatten that curve after 15 days, we gotta deal with it. Oh wait, it’s been way more than 15 days. Yeah, that’s another problem. This virus ain’t going away because some people think it’s fake. Meanwhile, I know people who have passed away from it or had it, get outta here with that nonsense.

If you think the virus is fake, then go lick the doorknobs at the hospital. Let me know how ya turn out.

Either way, enough of my rants. I’m all over the place today.

Here’s Donald Trump back in 1987 on video with Larry King.

WATCH and enjoy!

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