Woman goes NUTS blocking food delivery man from doing his job: “I don’t want you here”


A woman who appears to be an absolute psychopath is blocking a black man from making a food delivery. She curses him out, won’t let him in the building, and he’s standing there trying to call the person who ordered the food to let her know what’s going on.

The person on the phone verifies she ordered the food and the woman outside just goes crazy, claims she lives and pays rents there, and even curses out the person who ordered the food.

She even goes crazy saying “I don’t care if you’re a purple man” and that she does not want people buzzing him into HER building. She claims she knows everyone who lives in there, but didn’t know the person on the phone. She claims he is not a delivery person and he’s just a black guy walking around with a “clicker” to get into any building he wants.

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OK, but if he had the clicker, then why didn’t he get in the building he was trying to deliver food to?

This woman is the reason black folks say racism still exists.

She is absolutely TERRIBLE!!!

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